Salad Formula

This time of year requires few recipes. The weekly fruits and vegetables are enough inspiration for meals that we simply put together what is fresh today. Salads, or really just a collection of ingredients, mostly plants, are the easiest meal these days. 

I like to use this formula:

Base vegetable- while this CAN be greens it doesn't have to be. Roasted squash, chopped cucumber, tomatoes, anything can be your base.

Protein- cooked beans or chickpeas, lentils, hard boiled egg, or grilled meat or seafood. 

Fruit- fresh or dried, a little sweetness rounds out the flavours nicely.

Nuts and/or seeds- my favourite these days is pumpkin seeds and hemp hearts. But any nut or seed that you enjoy will work.

Cheese- if you like it, which I do. I am loving crumbled feta or a shaving of parm.

Fresh herbs- we are loving fresh basil but cilantro, thyme, or parsley are great on salad. 

Vinaigrette- and by this I mean drizzle some olive oil and then drizzle some red wine vinegar. Add a quick drizzle of local honey if you really want to take it to the next level.

And this is how we make meals these days. Less structure. More fun. Use up what you have. And just like that you will have a beautiful, nutritious meal.