Healthy Herbs in the Home

As the temperatures cool down outside, it's time to bring warming herbs inside. Rosemary, thyme, and oregano are perennial herbs made for slow cooking and comfort. Here are three easy ways to use fresh or dried woody herbs in your home: 

  1.  Add chopped fresh herbs such as rosemary or oregano to roast potatoes and other root vegetables. Woody herbs stand up to high heat and slow cooking, so they don't lose flavour and substance. 
  2. Steep fresh or dried thyme with hot water and honey for a simple soothing tea. 
  3. Infuse homemade all-purpose cleaner made from vinegar, water, and castile soap with rosemary. Rosemary has natural purifying properties and is traditionally used for fresh starts and new seasons. 

Whether you harvested from your summer garden or keep pots of herbs on your windowsill, these herbs are versatile all year round.