Springtime on the Farm

This is an exciting and anxious time on the farm. Many seeds have been started and the trays under lights just keep filling up with more and more seeds and starts. The greenhouse shelving and tables are now full with plant starts, waiting to transplant. Some of those plants will also be available to purchase in April and May. There is so much anticipation and patience involved. We are trying to grow more food but that takes more work, more time, and we are hoping that our early spring farm box is easy to fill in April. We took a chance at what we thought we could grow by mid-April. So far it is looking good, and the assortment of produce for the 8 weeks will be amazing. 

We have also started so many tomatoes. This year we are growing in the greenhouse and outside. We are also doing this with a few other crops. We have shade cloth for those crops if we need it. We are basically planning for the worst (40 plus degree weather) and of course, hoping for the best. We are growing some new things to bring a little more variety to our Farm Boxes and the Farm Store. 

One focus for us this year is to grow what grows well here. I think it is important to understand that not all food is meant to grow here. So we are doubling down on crops that are drought tolerant, pest resistant, and produce food through to fall. Part of that is also educating our customers on how to prepare vegetables in ways they haven't tried and to show them the versatility of something like chard. We also want to help our customers with easy preserving methods and techniques and encourage them to stock up on beans, peas, tomatoes, garlic, squash, and onions. Plus berries and rhubarb of course. 

There is so much good food coming and we are excited. I am not sure who us doing all the weeding. We will have to see. 

Thanks for supporting our farm and check back for an April update.