Rhubarb Season

As we feel the momentum of the longer days and shorter nights, we can feel spring is on its way. And with spring, comes our first perennial crop, rhubarb. We love rhubarb so much. It is such a versatile fruit (vegetable) and we enjoy it year-round.

If you have visited the farm store then you know all the things we do with rhubarb. Baked goods, preserves, ice cream, iced tea, and confections are all whipped up for our customers. 

This year we will be celebrating Rhubarb Fest again in May- details to come. Be sure to follow us on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK so you don't miss out on the details and all the yummy treats we will have. But most importantly, how to buy our bulk bundles of rhubarb and our rhubarb plants.

We planted an extra field of rhubarb last year just to make sure we have enough for all of our customers and for our freezer. We have two varieties and so we will have an early crop and then a slightly later spring crop.

We are excited to re-open the Farm Store this spring and we will sure be happy to see all of our customers. Even though it snowed yesterday, the rhubarb is peeking through and we can't wait for another bountiful harvest.